Choose The Best Plan For You

 FREE - $0 - Includes 5 faxes sent directly to the IRS or to anyone else you designate. Plus 2 correspondences with a CPA or tax professional.

BASIC - $9.99 per month - Unlimited faxes sent directly to the IRS or anyone else you designate. Plus unlimited correspondence with a licensed CPA or tax professional.

PREMIUM - $149.99 per year - Proactive Protection (purchase before you file your taxes) Includes all the benefits in the Basic plan. Plus CPAs and tax professionals will handle all correspondence between you and the IRS. You also are entitled to Schedule A, Schedule C, and Schedule E coverage at no extra charge.

VANGUARD - $299.99 per year - The ideal plan if you already received an audit notification. Includes all of the benefits in the Premium plan,  plus assitance if owe debt to the IRS, as well as assistance with rejected ITIN (W7) applications.

The Best Tax Audit Help Available

When you are audited, the process can be intense, scary, complicated, confusing, and expensive. But My IRS Docs specializes in providing complete professional audit assistance every step of the way, with affordable and flexible options to meet your needs.

Our client-centered and proactive approach gives you the help you need before, during, and after an IRS audit. Unlike most companies that only help if you purchased their services before being audited, we will help you at any and every stage of the process.

The CPAs and tax specialists at My IRS Docs have extensive experience dealing with the IRS. We pride ourselves on providing ou with professional, prompt solutions and superior, personalized customer service.

If you are not sure what documents to send, or what your notice from the IRS means? Don't to worry. Ask our tax professionals questions and get prompt answers from our tax professionals, just by messaging us from your online dashboard.


E-FAX SOLUTIONS & Digital Vault

During an audit, the IRS only accepts documents via fax or snail mail.  My IRS Docs solves this problem and eliminates unwanted delays to help process your audit easily and promptly.  

Store and send documents instantly from one central location to the IRS, your mortgage company, student loan processor, an attorney, a trusted family member, or anyone else you designate.

Save money on fax machine fees and precious time making photocopies, while also reducing your carbon footprint by using digital documents instead of paper ones. My IRS Docs makes faxing to the IRS simple!

Unsure where to send the requested IRS documents? No Problem. We provide a complete updated list of IRS fax numbers, sorted by departments, for instant transmission.

Additional Services

Flat Rate Resolution Cases

  • All back taxes owed up to $10,000 :
  • All back taxes owed up to $50,000 :
  • All back taxes owed up from $50,000 and up :

Tax Resolution Work Flat Rate

  • $1,500
  • $3,000
  • $5,000
  • Need a lien released?
  • Need an IRS Tax Audit Defense?
  • Need specialized IRS tax collection assistance?
  • Need an Offer in Compromise?

Hourly Rate Cases

  • 1040 Normal Return
  • 1040 Expatriates Return
  • Corporate Returns 1120
  • LLC Single Member Returns
  • US Federal and State Partnership Returns 1065
  • Employee Tax Accounting
  • Sales Tax Accounting
  • Offer in Compromise

$75 an hour

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